Monday, 27 February 2012

An alternative bibliography

The Battle of Cable Street 70th Anniv (C) Peter Marshall, 2006
On the previous page of this blog is the rough bibliography that was Marjorie Lorch's first assembly of Harold's work. Since putting it up, I edited certain aspects of it and then added material given to me by Tony Burgess, Michael Simons, Peter Medway, Georgina Brewis, Dominic Newbould and Janet Maybin. I have now added to the bibliography on the previous page the material from 'Education Today and Tomorrow' which he wrote in 1955 and 1957. 

Marjorie has now very kindly created a differently assembled bibliography with this cover note, referring to Simon Gibbons who collected from me a box of Harold's writings and noted what was there. Marjorie writes:

"  I have added the entries that Simon recently collected. Here is the updated list. I have just sorted it alphabetically by author so there are some that are by others about Harold’s work first. It is not entirely letter perfect in terms of copyediting. More work might be needed before it is in web worthy shape."

Methuan, 1867. Hanbook for english teachers 2 talking and writing: 100-.

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